In 2024, South Seas continues its phased reopening with new food & beverage outlets, additional accommodations, and enhanced resort amenities.
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Teeing Off in Paradise: The Clutch Golf Course at South Seas

May 2, 2024

Nestled on Captiva Island in Florida’s Gulf Coast, South Seas has long captivated travelers with its pristine beaches and breathtaking sunsets. On May 1, 2024, the resort celebrated the opening of The Clutch golf course—a 12-hole walking course that promises to redefine the South Seas experience.


The Clutch: Golf on Captiva Island

Stepping onto The Clutch golf course feels like entering a tranquil oasis where the stresses of the world melt away amidst the sound of waves and salt-kissed breezes.

Blueprinted by the distinguished golf course design firm Beau Welling Design, The Clutch embraces a deep respect for the island’s natural beauty. It winds past stunning landscapes and shimmering ponds, offering players a scenic journey through paradise.


The Grand Opening

The grand opening festivities commenced with a ribbon-cutting ceremony set against the backdrop of azure skies and gently swaying palms, symbolizing the dawn of a new era for golf at South Seas.

With champagne toasts made and congratulations offered, players eagerly embarked on the inaugural round of golf—a journey that promised both challenge and serenity in equal measure.

Unlike traditional golf courses, The Clutch embraces a walking-only policy, inviting players to immerse themselves fully in the island’s natural splendor. As they traverse the meticulously manicured fairways and navigate the strategically placed hazards, players are rewarded with panoramic views of the Gulf of Mexico and the surrounding resort.

Throughout the experience, encounters with native wildlife add an element of enchantment to the experience. Egrets wade gracefully in the water hazards, while ospreys soar overhead, their keen eyes scanning the landscape below.


A New Chapter at South Seas

The grand opening of The Clutch marks a new chapter in Captiva Island’s storied history. As travelers from near and far flock to experience its unique charms, one thing is certain: The Clutch has firmly cemented its place as a must-visit destination for golf enthusiasts and island adventurers alike.

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