In 2024, South Seas continues its phased reopening with new food & beverage outlets, additional accommodations, and enhanced resort amenities.
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The Clutch


Welcome to the new South Seas stunning 12-hole golf short course, The Clutch. Meticulously designed by the acclaimed Beau Welling, this course offers an unparalleled pairing of natural beauty, strategic challenges, and a family-friendly atmosphere that even the most seasoned golfer will appreciate.

The Clutch is exclusively available to members and resort guests with a confirmed reservation during their dates of stay.




A Course Tailored for Families

Specially crafted for players of all ages and skill levels, from beginners discovering the game to the most advanced golfers honing their skills, this course caters to a wide spectrum of abilities. The Clutch is carefully designed to enhance the enjoyment of the game, making it accessible and delightful for everyone who steps onto the course.

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The Experience What sets this 12-hole golf short course apart:
Beau Welling Design
Beau Welling, a distinguished golf course designer renowned for his innovative approach, has lent his expertise to create an exceptional golfing experience. His vision for this course goes beyond the game itself; it’s about crafting unforgettable moments for all, from beginners to pros.
Walking the Course
The Clutch is designed to be a family-friendly walking course. Players have the ability to rent a pushcart or utilize a ride cart for those golfers with mobility challenges.

Riding carts and push carts are subject to availability at the time of check-in.
Premium Equpiment
Enhance your game with top-of-the-line Titleist rental equipment including Vokey wedges and Scotty Cameron putters.

Golfers who elect to bring their own equipment will need to transfer their designated clubs to The Clutch branded walking bag; not all personal clubs will be allowed on the course.
Scenic Views
Take a break and relish the views amidst the breathtaking natural surroundings of the course overlooking Pine Island Sound and the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a perfect setting for players to relax and create lasting memories.
A Commitment to Environmental Stewardship
In line with South Seas commitment to sustainability, this golf short course has been meticulously designed to minimize its ecological footprint while preserving the natural landscape. It’s a responsible and harmonious golfing oasis for those who value both nature and golf.
Challenge Coin
Within the enchanting realm of South Seas, these distinguished coins are bestowed upon those who accomplish something truly special - like achieving a hole-in-one at The Clutch.

May your South Seas Challenge Coin be a treasured memento, forever commemorating the unforgettable moments you have experienced during your visit.
The Clutch Golf Course

Group Golf

Join us for Group Sessions, where incentive and group guests can partake in tournament-style play with exciting new formats. These sessions are designed to leave ample time for you to explore and enjoy other resort amenities, ensuring well-rounded and memorable moments throughout your visit.

These sessions offer the flexibility to tailor your group golfing adventure to your preferences. Experience the joy of golf in the company of your peers, choosing a style of play that perfectly suits your desired level of challenge and enjoyment.


The Course The Clutch is named after a turtle's nest with each of the 12 holes thoughtfully named after area history, landscape and wildlife that can be seen throughout the destination.
Hole 1 - The Calusa
An homage to the Native American inhabitants of Captiva Island, the Calusa or “Shell Indians” are considered the first shell collectors.
Hole 2 - Key Lime
Honoring South Seas’ early years as a Key Lime farm owned by the Chadwick Family. They created a salt-resistant lime named the Chad Lime and became the world’s biggest supplier of the fruit.
Hole 3 - Mariner
Named in honor of the beloved hotel ownership group, Mariner Group, who undertook the most substantial development of South Seas, making it an expansive resort and cherished destination in the early 1970s.
Hole 4 - Heron
With multiple species of Heron calling South Seas home, they can be found near freshwater and coastal areas – making the island a birder paradise.
Hole 5 - The Vow
South Seas and Captiva is a long-favored location for wedding vows. With views of the wedding venue, players can be humorously reminded of the synergies between the game of golf and marriage - thrilling and glorious, yet sometimes difficult and challenging.
Hole 6 - Osprey
On this hole, look up to see a large osprey platform adjacent to the green. Osprey prefer a “room with a view” and will return year-after-year to the same platform for mating and during migration.
Hole 7 - Redfish
Named after the prized sport fish, the Redfish (or Red Drum) and hole run along the channel pass.
Hole 8 - Junonia
Named after the “unicorn” of shells – Junonia shells can be found on the island and are known for their beauty and apparent rarity – a coveted prize for collectors.
Hole 9A - Hawksbill
An ode to this short hole and the smaller of the sea turtles inhabiting Captiva, their distinguishing unique beak-like mouth is perfect for finding food sources in cracks and crevices.
Hole 9B - Loggerhead
Named for the Loggerhead turtle, this species of sea turtles is the most abundant in the United States and is recognizable by its large head.
Hole 10 - Egret
South Seas is home to several species of Egrets. They typically stand still, wade in shallow water, and watch for unsuspecting prey (or golf balls on the green!) to pass by.
Hole 11 - Snook
Snook are prized as game fish, renowned for their great fighting capability. They can be found along the beaches of Captiva.
Hole 12 - Manatee
Fondly referred to as “sea cows”, these gentle and slow-moving animals swim below the surface of the water and when active come up to breathe every few minutes. See the manatees play from the green – a grand finale to your round.

Stay and Play

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Hours of Operation

Tee times are available Tuesday – Sunday (Closed Monday for maintenance) starting at 8:30am until 3:00pm (hours subject to change).

Reservation Terms

All tee time reservations are subject to verification upon arriving at the course for check-in. Rental club rates will be added to the green fee at check in. Children 12 and under receive complimentary green fees with a paying adult. The Clutch will attempt to reschedule any tee times for future days during inclement weather and cancellations during course closures will not be charged.

The Clutch is an approachable golf experience, collared shirts are not necessary to enjoy the course but shirts with sleeves are required for all golfers. Footwear, including sandals, is required while playing.

No outside food and beverages will be permitted on the course.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made within fourteen (14) days of tee time or failure to arrive on the scheduled date will result in a charge of all green fees for the reservation. Tee times booked less than 2 weeks prior are guaranteed by the purchaser for the entire amount at the time of processing.