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Sarasota Magazine

South Seas Island Resort Is the Perfect Short Summer Getaway

When you live in a coastal paradise like Sarasota, a short getaway to another island on the Gulf of Mexico can feel like needless repetition. Should you splurge on a beach vacation so close by? Yes. A thousand times yes, especially if the island is easy to get to and yet feels so completely remote and unfamiliar.

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New York Lifestyles Magazine

South Seas Island Resort: Indulge Your Seaside Whims On Captiva Island

Gathering seashells is lovely, but I’ve never been manifestly jubilant about it—until I visited Captiva Island. It’s known for its world-class shelling, and it lives up to the hype and then some. Some stretches of beach are downright carpeted with the over 250 types of shells found. Walk the shores, and you’ll see plenty of fully intact Conch, Lightning Whelk, Tulip Shells, and Sand Dollars. This alone is enough to visit, but the island’s renowned South Seas Island Resort offers a dizzying array of adventure quests, classic seaside cocktails, and tranquility...

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Modern Luxury Palm Beach

The South Seas Island Resort In Southwest Florida Is The Ultimate Getaway

You don’t have to leave the country to find an idyllic island paradise that feels worlds away. Hidden on the west coast of Florida, on the Gulf of Mexico, and located just north of Sanibel Island, Captiva Island is known for sunsets, seashells and a distinct aura of Old Florida...

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New York Times

In Fort Myers and Surrounding Areas, Every Day Is A Good Day

What is it about this community that made these three transplants embrace Southwest Florida as home? EL MAR was one of the first phrases I learned as a child. As far back as I can remember, I’ve been attracted to water. Growing up on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, I would go on special trips to the ocean with my father, and I’d always cry when it was time to leave...

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Tom George Yacht Group

The Best Marinas on Florida's West Coast

Looking for a marina on Florida’s west coast? Just as when you bought your boat, there are many factors to consider and some tradeoffs that you may need to navigate. While a marina might provide sufficient storage or slips for keeping your boat, the amenities may be lacking. When you need to service or maintain the boat, is it close enough to nearby mechanics or can the marina facilitate such services internally? If you’re only looking to go fishing every now and then, do you really need to be paying for a variety of amenities such as swimming pool and clubhouse activities...

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Boca Magazine

Worth the Trip: Animal Kingdom

My virgin attempt at standup paddle-boarding did not go as planned. I might as well have been on stilts as I rose, trembling, on the board provided by Island Adventures, the on-site water sports vendor at Captiva’s South Seas Island Resort. Part of the board was still on the sand, and I still couldn’t keep my balance. The slightly choppy seas did not inspire further confidence...

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Southern Girl Gone Global

Swept Away by Captiva Island’s South Seas Island Resort

Never underestimate the healing power of a room- with- a- view of sea and sunrises. Of island sunsets that make strangers friends. Of connecting with family after an unimaginable year. On making a wish on a seashell and feeling like a kid again...

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City & Shore Online

Say Yes To The Address: Nine Dream Florida Wedding Destinations

A private ceremony at a waterfront resort. A gala event on a historic property. And, of course, the iconic barefoot beachfront wedding. Whatever your wedding preferences, Florida can provide. Inside, outside, from an intimate affair to the event of the season, you’ll find a wedding venue here sure to make your affair unforgettable...

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Paste Magazine

Discovering Nature in Sanibel & Captiva Islands, Florida

It didn’t take long for me to be wowed by the nature of Southwest Florida. Just outside my hotel balcony at South Seas Island Resort on Captiva, I could watch dolphins and manatees swim between the bay and the marina, while osprey, egrets, pelicans, cormorants and gulls all flew past my room...

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A Beach Wedding With Colombian Flair in Captiva, Florida

Claudia Chavarro and Paul Hulsberg met, officially, on Christmas Eve 2018. But, they’d seen each other before. They were both working at Shands Hospital in Gainesville, Florida—she’s a mental health therapist and he’s an interventional radiologist—and had admired each other from afar. But it wasn’t until they matched on a dating site that Paul asked Claudia to dinner. After a job opportunity moved him to Naples, they dated long distance for a year before being reunited in southwest Florida...

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Condé Nast Traveler

The 19 Best Beaches in the U.S.

We're always dreaming about our next warm-weather escape, whether it's jetting off to tropical islands or Mediterranean ports. And while the idea of traveling abroad every weekend is wonderful, it's not exactly feasible. Luckily for those in the U.S., you don't necessarily have to go far to enjoy some of the world's best stretches of sand. America's seashores—from New England to Hawaii—offer enough beautiful sand and surf to keep us warm and satisfied all year long. Here are 19 of the best beaches in the U.S., all just an easy plane ride away...

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The Palm Beach Post

Sands of history in the making of Sanibel as popular island resort destination

Six years ago, on my first visit to Sanibel and Captiva Islands on Florida’s Gulf Coast, I basked under the sun on its powdery white sand beaches. I also catered to my cravings with locally caught grouper sandwiches and every permutation of the ubiquitous key lime imaginable — from pies to margaritas to pancakes...

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Here’s How To Plan The Perfect Escape To Captiva Island

Even before the pandemic forced many to be wary of crowds and seek refuge in natural, spacious destinations, Captiva Island, with its population of less than 200 residents, has long been a place to get away from it all on the gulf coast of South Florida...

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Cuisinest Online

The Nth 2022 Ultimate Whisky and Spirits Experience Is Back and In Person Celebrating 10 Years of Flavor, Distinction and Luxury

One of the best Iconic Spirits events in the country is back and in person at Wynn Las Vegas. The Nth Ultimate Whisky and Spirits Experience is back and celebrating its 10th-anniversary to be held once again at the luxurious Wynn Las Vegas Hotel and Resort showcasing the very best high-end beloved Whisky and Spirits the world has to offer...

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Belle The Magazine

The Ultimate Location for your Destination Wedding Weekend: The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel

Gorgeous scenery, quality time with family and friends…what’s not to love about a destination wedding?! But before fun in the sun comes the difficult task of choosing where to tie the knot. You want to make sure you’re choosing the perfect location for you and your loved ones, and let’s be honest, that’s no easy task. Especially now that couples are seeking open-air venues to get married due to the pandemic. A waterfront hotel on tropical islands or outdoor natural spaces with ample room for celebration sounds like the perfect idea, don’t you think...

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Orlando Magazine

Discover Florida’s 12 Best Islands: Explore Captiva Island

Small, compact and charming, Captiva Island is just plain delightful. Driving onto this spit of land from neighboring Sanibel Island, you pass some magnificent homes, partially hidden behind well-planned landscaping that shows off the island’s tropical vegetation. Marking the driveways are handcrafted signs with names like Mermaid House and Happy Destiny that add a touch of whimsy to this enchanting isle...

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Boca Magazine

From the Magazine: Where The Wild Things Are

These getaways to Old Florida natural areas are testament to the unspoiled parts of our state—a step into history and prehistory, a way to ground yourself in the real Florida you’ve been missing...

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Trips To Discover

Top 15 Best Florida Hotels with a Private Beach

While beachfront hotels are the creme de la creme of accommodation options in Florida, hotels with private beaches are even better. These top-rated beach hotels in Florida go the extra mile in ensuring you have a relaxing vacation getaway, offering serene stretches of coastline reserved for only guests. Amenities like beach attendants offering drink services are common, as well as access to a range of exciting water sports activities. For your own slice of paradise, book a stay at one of these top Florida Hotels with a private beach...

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Money Inc

10 Reasons Captiva Island’s South Seas Island Resort is the Perfect Florida Family Getaway

Perhaps I had never heard of Captiva Island on the western coast of Florida because I spent the last 12 years of my life in California, but it’s a well-known escape for many in the Northeast. Located on the Gulf of Mexico west of Ft. Myers in Southwest Florida, South Seas Island Resort on Captiva was once a Key Lime Plantation before opening to guests in 1946 as a fishing resort...

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Trips To Discover

10 Best Florida Honeymoon Resorts

Endless sunshine, unspoiled beaches, and no passport needed, Florida has the winning formula for a romantic honeymoon destination with an abundance of newlywed-friendly resorts and hotels. Keep that wedding glow alive and celebrate your union with picturesque ocean views, luxury amenities, and personalized service that will cater to your every need...

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Matador Network

8 Travel Spots for Blissful Seclusion in Southwest Florida

We all have different feelings about traveling right now. When you’re ready, we hope you feel safe, inspired, and excited to join us on The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel...

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Sun Sentinel

Hold a Seashell to Your Ear, and You Can Hear Florida Tourism Roaring Back

Jackie Parker looked over the beach into the red sun setting on the Gulf of Mexico, and sighed. Not because it was so beautiful, although it was from Sunset Beach at South Seas Island Resort on Captiva Island. The ospreys and other shore birds had gone quiet now, the wind had fallen to whispers in the sea oats, even the waves seemed to slosh ashore in a hush...

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Chicago Tribune

The Cutest Beach Towns in Florida

Miami and Orlando may be Florida favorites, but that doesn’t mean they’re the most scenic destinations in the Sunshine State. In fact, Florida is home to numerous charming beach towns where you won’t find waves of tourists. Most of these coastal getaways and island respites have unspoiled beaches, wildlife refuges and fresh food to savor...

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16 Best Weekend Getaways in Florida

any things can be said about the Sunshine State, but there's no denying its pull as a year-round destination for a weekend getaway or, if you can swing it, something longer. There's more than 1,300 miles of glorious coastline to explore, from the Panhandle to the Florida Keys (all of it fully back open to beachgoers), not to mention your choice of big cities or casual beach towns for a base. Favorable weather, affordability, and appeal as a multi-generational vacation spot are just a few of the factors that make the state so attractive to visit as the country (and world) emerges from a long season’s slumber...

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Captiva Island: Why This Florida Oasis Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

Captiva Island boasts pristine stretches of natural sand giving it the moniker (along with its sister island Sanibel) of seashell capital of the world. This region boasts more than 250 types of seashells and attracts nature lovers from around the world. Birders come to see the more than 230 species of birds; cyclists will enjoy the more than 20 miles of bike paths, and if you’re into fishing, this region boasts some of the best fishing experiences in Florida...

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Business Insider

The 16 Best Beach Hotels in the US for Ocean Views, Gorgeous Pools, and Beachside Dining

Summer is here and the urge to travel is at an all-time high. For those who crave an oceanfront getaway for some R&R, the good news is you don't have to go far. The US has myriad gorgeous options from coast to coast for a sunny escape...

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The 16 Most Charming Small Towns in Florida

We’re all for a quick escape from Miami, especially when it involves a visit to one of Florida’s quaint small towns. Many of them revolve around a beach, and all of them will guarantee you a few days filled with sunshine, charm and relaxation. Here, our 16 favorite small towns in Florida...

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Fun Outdoor Getaways You Can Easily Hit from 30 Cities

One thing the pandemic has taught us—beyond how much we hate Zoom—is that nature is not a luxury. It is essential for human survival. And while many of us city folk have gained a new appreciation for the outdoors, you don’t have to commit to some epic cross-country camping trip just to get some fresh air...

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The Laid-Back “Anti-Florida” Is the Ideal Island Escape

I love my family. But every now and then, we all need an escape. And while visiting family in South Florida over the holidays for the past decade-plus, I found just the spot...

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Daily Mail UK

Florida’s Magic (even without the Magic Kingdom): Forget the rollercoasters!

Do you think of Florida as just one big theme park? Think again. With secret islands and sweeping expanses of wilderness, it’s a place where you can really get back to nature, and where you’re more likely to see a pelican or heron than a cartoon duck...

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New Jersey Family Online

Read This Before You Make Winter Break Travel Plans

Our family vacay in the Sunshine State was safe and fun. Prior to taking our first vacation since the start of the COVID pandemic, I was very concerned about what traveling with our so far unvaccinated twins would look like. Would they be able to keep their masks on for the short flight to Florida? Would the airport and hotels be filled with anxiety and tension? And once we got there, would people be taking safety precautions seriously...

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Texas Lifestyle & Travel Magazine Online

#TravelTuesday: Stretch Out and Stay a Spell on Southwest Florida’s Captiva Island

Room to Roam, Room to Relax, and Room to Rock. The first thing to know about a vacation to Captiva Island, Florida, is that the island is vast. Very few things are next door to one another. It’s as though the entire island tells you to spread out, take your time, and breathe...

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KATU ABC Portland

Holiday Travel Ideas

Travel Writer & Blogger Guiomar Ochoa shared fun places to go this holiday season...

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Travel Awaits

The Best Things To Do On Captiva Island, Plus Where To Stay, Eat, And Play

When I got to be in my 20s (wish I could say not that long ago!) my parents started spending a month each winter in Sanibel Island, Florida, and I would join them every now and then. A couple of times, my sisters and I rented another condo so the cousins could be together. Great memories linger from Sanibel, which is why we took my father, with advancing dementia, there this winter to see if he would enjoy it as he had before...

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Style Me Pretty

The Beachy Boho Vibes of This Resort Wedding Will Have You Dreaming of Your Next Getaway!

You need to ‘sea’ the beach chic details of this glamorous wedding at South Seas Island Resort! A soft, neutral palette, reminiscent of the shoreline, created a pristine canvas for a relaxed yet refined details that made Claudia & Paul’s guests feel like they were on vacay...

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Essentially Erika

A Very Merry Captiva Christmas - South Seas Island Resort

We spent a weekend at the South Seas Island Resort at the tip of Captiva Island. This property delivered on everything it promised and more...

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Yoga Digest

Captivated by Captiva Island!

Whether you are an adventure and nature enthusiast, or looking for a romantic getaway, or seeking a perfect vacation spot with family and friends for the holidays or special occasion, Captiva Island is sure to delight the most discerning traveler. Nestled off the west coast of South Florida, this little gem packs a big punch of natural beauty, recreation, and relaxation. Known for its pristine beaches and world-class shelling, Captiva Island also boasts a rich heritage while offering modern conveniences which provide a balance of charm, mystery, and exhilaration...

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East End Taste Magazine

Your Next Gulf Coast Adventure: South Seas Island Resort on Captiva Island

A world away from reality awaits at this scenic Gulf Coast oasis. South Seas Island Resort is located on Captiva Island on Florida’s picturesque gulf coast. This expansive family-friendly resort known as a world-class shelling destination has everything and more that you could desire all with privacy and peace of mind...

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How to Snag a Deal at 6 Family-Friendly Florida Resorts This Winter

Yes, Florida is a popular pick for family travel, but it's also a surprisingly wallet-friendly destination—provided you play your cards right. Here, the best hotel deals in the state this winter...

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Romantic Rooms to Stay and Play in Fort Myers

Picking the right hotel is a key decision on almost any trip, especially if romance is on the agenda. The options in Fort Myers are extensive and varied with dozens of waterfront spots. And while you may think beachfront equals romance, that is sadly not the case. The smell of mildew or noise of party-goers is not exactly a great precursor to passion...

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