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Doc Ford’s Rum Bar & Grille

Sure to Inspire a Few Stories

Inspired by a best-selling novel character, Doc Ford, who travels abroad to places like Cuba, Cambodia, and South Africa. Doc Ford’s Rum Bar and Grill is your gateway to experience some of those flavors.

Doc Ford’s Rum Bar and Grill is a local favorite. The sauces, spices, and passion put into food preparation are what Doc Ford’s is all about. Enjoy fresh seafood and dishes prepared in-house every day, including Doc Ford’s Original Lime Panko Crusted Fish Sandwich, Yucatan Shrimp tacos, or a traditional Cuban sandwich. Don’t skip out on the signature island mojito; it’s a rum-infused cocktail that is so refreshing. Ask for Rum from the extensive Premium Selection. An experience so good, it will inspire you too.

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Appetizers Doc's Beach Bread 8.95 Baked French bread topped with cheddar, Monterey Jack, bleu cheese crumbles, and diced tomatoes. A Doc Ford’s Original! Captiva Crab Cakes 14.95 Pan-fried jumbo lump beach-style, served with *jicama coleslaw and finished with a superb Key lime butter sauce. (*hi-ca-ma - the “water chestnut” of South America) Fried Calamari 13.95 Lightly breaded, hand cut tender calamari served with our house-made cocktail sauce.
Heat Island Chicken Wings 13.95 Ten wings crispy-fried and tossed with your choice of mild, medium, hot, blind pass, sweet chili or teriyaki sauce. Served with celery and Doc’s buttermilk blue cheese dressing. Buffalo Shrimp 10.95 Crispy breaded shrimp with a spicy twist, with a choice of mild, medium or hot sauce. Also available as sweet chili or teriyaki. Doc Ford's Famous Fish Fingers 8.95 Fried golden brown, served with Doc’s tartar sauce. Chicken Tenders 8.95 Lightly fried, served with buttermilk ranch and honey mustard dressing. (also available Buffalo style)
Seared Tuna 14.95 Served rare atop chilled rice noodles that have been tossed with crispy Asian veggies, fresh herbs and a Thai peanut vinaigrette. We top it off with a sweet soy drizzle and wasabi coulis. Bayamo Black Bean Dip 8.95 Cuban black beans topped with cheddar and Montery Jack cheeses, diced tomatoes and jalapeños. Served with corn tortilla chips. Mussles 13.95 Steamed in a broth of roasted garlic, shallots, Roma tomatoes, fresh basil, white zinfandel and a hint of cream and butter. Caribbean Jerk Tostados 8.95 Corn tortillas topped with jerk chicken, Cuban black beans, melted Monterey Jack cheese, cabbage, tomato, and cilantro salad.
Flatbread Spinach and Artichoke 9.95 Crispy flatbread baked with homemade Roma tomato sauce, roasted garlic olive oil, topped with spinach, artichoke and mozzarella cheese. Margarita 9.95 Fresh mozzarella, local vine-ripened tomatoes, roasted garlic, fresh basil, aged balsamic and extra virgin olive oil. Shrimp Scampi 9.95 With homemade Roma tomato sauce, roasted garlic, shrimp, tomato, mozzarella cheese and basil.
Soups Soup of the Day 4.95/6.95 Conch Chowder 4.95/6.95 Fresh conch, tomatoes, fresh herbs, and bacon in a spicy, chunky tomato broth. Ford's Famous Clam Chowder 4.95/6.95 A rich, creamy chowder, chock full of sea clams, sweet onions and diced potatoes.
Salads Tropical Salad 14.95 We combined fresh baby greens, grape tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, mandarin oranges, sundried cherries, spiced pecans, and homemade crispy onions tossed in our very own secret balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Old School Iceberg Salad 8.95 One large wedge of local iceberg lettuce, red onions, carrot threads, chopped bacon, diced tomatoes, and homemade croutons with Doc’s buttermilk bleu cheese dressing. Chicken Taco Salad 12.95 Crisp romaine lettuce, tossed in avocado feta vinaigrette and topped with Jack and cheddar cheeses, black bean jicama salsa, grilled chicken and tomato pico de gallo, surrounded by corn tortilla chips.
Steak Salad 18.95 Chimichurri-marinated steak, asparagus, and red onions, over mixed greens tossed in chimichurri vinaigrette and topped with avocado and bleu cheese crumbles. Southwestern Cobb Salad 14.95 Blackened chicken, hard boiled eggs, avocado, and bacon served over chopped romaine lettuce tossed in zesty chipotle ranch dressing with Jack and cheddar cheeses, roasted corn, and Roma tomatoes with seasoned tortillas. Sanibel Spinach Salad 11.95 Bleu cheese crumbles, spiced pecans, grape tomatoes, Granny Smith apples tossed with caramelized onion and smoked bacon dressing.
Mozzarella de Marinello Salad 13.95 Locally grown vine-ripened tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and baby arugula tossed in a lemon vinaigrette then topped with aged balsamic, fresh basil and pecorino cheese. Calamari Salad 13.95 Lightly battered calamari tossed with mixed Everglades greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, a sweet and sour vinaigrette dressing and topped with crispy wontons. Quinoa Shrimp Salad 20.95 Chef combines fresh jumbo grilled shrimp with quinoa (Keen-Wah, a grain cultivated in Peru and Chile) and garden fresh vegetables, marinated in white balsamic passion fruit vinaigrette and served atop a bed of mixed greens with a mango avocado salsa.
Dinkin's Bay Shellfish Bar Yucatan Baked Oysters 14.95 Freshly shucked oysters marinated with our signature Yucatan Sauce and baked with a creamy Manchego cheese topping. Shrimp Ceviche 9.95 Fresh shrimp in our Florida citrus marinade, tossed with fresh lime ADD juice, cucumber, cilantro, jalapeños, onions and tomatoes.
Oysters On The Half Shell 12.95/23.95 Fresh Gulf oysters, shucked to order and served chilled with fresh lemon and cocktail sauce. Peel-and-Eat Shrimp 13.95/25.95 You’ll love these shrimp steamed in Amazon spices then chilled and served with house-made cocktail sauce and lemon.
Dinkin's Bay Boil 15.95/28.95 Steamed peel-and-eat shrimp dressed in real butter, Old Bay spices and juice from fresh Key limes. Yucatan Shrimp 15.95/28.95 Tomlinson traveled to the Bay of Ascension, Quintana Roo, Mexico to fish for bonefish and came back with this great recipe. Steamed peel-and-eat shrimp in a dressing of real butter, garlic, mild Colombian chilies, fresh cilantro and Key lime juice.
Sandwiches Grouper Sandwich 22.95 Fresh grouper grilled, blackened, or fried. Served with Doc’s tartar sauce on a freshly baked roll. Doc Ford's Original Lime Panko Crusted Fish Sandwich 12.95 Seared, baked and served on a freshly baked roll, topped with house slaw and spicy remoulade. Voted Best Fish Sandwich! Hamburger 12.95 Prime hand pattied ground beef grilled to your desire, with lettuce, tomato, onion on a freshly baked roll. Add cheese $1 Add bacon $1 Chicken Sandwich 12.95 Chicken breast prepared to your liking - grilled, blackened, or fried and served on a freshly baked roll with lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle.
Panamaniac's Pulled Pork 12.95 Slow roasted barbecued pork in our one-of-akind BBQ sauce, secret spices from the Panamaniacs, topped with house slaw, served on a freshly baked roll. The Cuban 12.95 Traditional style with ham, slow roasted pork, Swiss cheese, mustard and pickles on a crispy Cuban roll. Sanibel Cheesesteak 12.95 Shaved ribeye, caramelized onions, peppers and mushrooms smothered in Swiss cheese, and folded into a baguette. Maine Lobster Roll 24.95 Diced Maine lobster blended with mayo, green onion, celery & fresh squeezed lemon juice. Piled high on a New England style split top roll. You will think you’re in Maine!
Seafood Tacos Campeche Fish Tacos 14.95 Freshly grilled white fish with shredded cabbage and papaya pico de gallo in flour tortillas. Served with black beans and rice. Yucatan Shrimp Tacos 15.95 Succulent steamed shrimp, shredded lettuce and tomatoes tossed in our one-of-a-kind Yucatan sauce made from cilantro, garlic, butter, lime juice, and Colombian chilies, served in warm flour tortilla
Entrées Macadamia Nut Crusted Grouper 29.95 A Paradise delight, toasted macadamia nut crusted grouper served atop an exotic mix of quinoa, jasmine rice, arugula, red peppers and yellow squash then complimented with a “Toasted Coconut” rum sauce. Penne With Shrimp 19.95 Sautéed deep water “lobster shrimp,” penne pasta, Roma tomatoes, fresh basil, garlic and avocados tossed with a citrus cream sauce and shredded pecorino cheese. Seafood Paella 29.95 Jumbo scallops, shrimp, mussels and tender fish medallions, with chorizo sausage, peas, saffron rice, and tomatoes. Deep Water Mahi-Mahi 26.95 Hand-cut mahi-mahi seared in sweet soy sauce, placed on a jasmine rice stir fry with tropical vinaigrette. Panko Fried Shrimp 23.95 Jumbo shrimp hand breaded to order & crispy fried with French fries and house coleslaw.
Island Style Shrimp & Grits 23.95 Fresh Gulf shrimp dusted with masa (Mexican corn flour), pan seared and served with jalapeño cheese grits, julienned veggies and green beans accented with a homemade tomatillo sauce. Achiote Redfish Bowl 26.95 Hand cut Redfish marinated with achiote spice and fresh herbs, then char grilled and served with black beans and yellow rice topped with plantains and homemade pico de gallo. Panko Crusted Grouper 28.95 Grouper pan-seared and served on a bed of brown rice, julienned vegetables, wilted spinach and mushrooms, topped with a honey papaya rum drizzle. Banana Leaf Snapper 24.95 Snapper wrapped in a banana leaf lined with masa harina, ancho chili purée and freshly squeezed lime juice. Steamed, paired with fresh vegetables, black beans and rice, with a dynamite lime cilantro roasted pepper pesto.
Cedar Plank Salmon 24.95 Freshly cut salmon fillet topped with a mango chipotle glaze, served with au gratin potatoes, wilted spinach and wild mushrooms sautéed with soy sauce. Danish Baby Back Ribs 24.95 A full rack of Danish baby back ribs basted with our one-of-a-kind BBQ sauce, served with roasted garlic smashed potatoes or French fries and our house slaw. Dry Rubbed Ribeye 31.95 With roasted garlic and pecorino smashed potatoes, caramelized mushrooms, asparagus and a roasted bleu cheese tomato, surrounded by a caramelized red onion demi sauce. Roasted Half-Chicken with Cuban Chimichurri Sauce 20.95 Slow roasted chicken served over a potato hash with onions, mild Amazon peppers and Panama-style chorizo sausage. Braced with steamed French green beans, fresh chimichurri verde, topped with roasted corn, *jicama, red peppers and bean relish. (*hi-ca-ma - the “water chestnut” of South America).
*Consuming raw or undercooked meat, seafood, or egg products can increase your risk of food-borne illness. Please inform your server of any allergies and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Unsigned checks will incur an 18% Service Charge