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Golf Cart Rules

Effective August 2023


Who May Operate Carts on Resort Property

Age of Renters

1. You must be 21 years of age to rent a golf cart at South Seas (“Resort”) from its concessionaire.

2. Persons under the age of 21 who possess a valid driver’s license may operate such permitted, rented carts under the supervision of the cart renter, consistent with these rules.

3. Golf cart renters, and their authorized drivers, are required to sign a liability waiver.


Renters and Owners

1. Hotel and Rental Guests. Hotel and rental guests of the Resort may only rent golf carts for use on Resort property from the Resort’s exclusive concessionaire.  Hotel and rental guests who rent golf carts through unapproved, outside agents other than the Resort’s concessionaire are not permitted to bring such golf carts on Resort property including its roads. Properly rented golf carts are considered “registered with the Resort” for the purposes of these rules.  Violation of these rules, may result in monetary consequences and also revocation of the rental, revocation of the registration of the golf cart, and barring future registration and use.

2. Unit Owners in Resort Rental Program or Resort Amenities Access Program. Unit Owners (and Unit Owner’s guests, family members, renters/lessees) who participate in the Resort’s rental program or resort amenities access program are permitted to use privately-owned golf carts on Resort property provided that the cart is an approved type, registered with the Resort, have required identification on the cart and provide evidence of insurance with required coverage minimums to the Resort.  Violation of these rules may result in monetary consequences and also revocation of the rental, revocation of the registration of the golf cart, and barring future registration and use.  A “Unit Owner” is a person (or company) that owns a house, condominium/Co-Op or timeshare located beyond the Resort’s entrance gate.

3. Unit Owners Not in Resort Rental Program. Unit Owners (and Unit Owner’s guests, family members, renters/lessees) may not register non-owned golfs carts or carts rented/leased from other than the Resort’s concessionaire with the Resort, and may not bring such carts onto Resort property including its parking lots; however, Unit Owners and their guests may operate non-registered golf carts on the Resort’s roads directly to and from their residence property (including through the main gate) off property.  Non-registered carts are not permitted in Resort parking lots or roads other than those required to exit from or access to their properties.  Operation of such non-registered carts will result in their removal/ejection at their owner’s expense.

4. Non-Permitted Areas. Registered South Seas golf carts are permitted only to be driven on paved roadways and cart paths throughout South Seas and the main area of Captiva. Golf carts are not permitted beyond the curve on Captiva Drive between Murmond Lane and Wiles Drive. Driving on any non-paved area is strictly prohibited, including but not limited to the lawn area at King’s Crown, near the Bayview Fishing Pier, on the marina walkways, and on the golf course after hours including Sunset Beach. Carts will be subject to removal at the expense of the Unit Owner or guest.

5. Parking. Golf carts must only be parked in designated, striped parking stalls only.  Parking on the side of roads, pedestrian walkways, or any other unauthorized area is not permitted, and improperly parked carts will be removed at the expense of the guest or Unit Owner.

6. Entry. Upon arrival at the entrance gate (security gate), if a person does not have a current identifying decal or similar markings upon their vehicle or are not otherwise know to the gate attendant, such persons are required to identify themselves.  With respect to Vendors, the gate attendant will apply the Vendor Access Policy to their admission.  Contingent on identification and validation such person may travel through the entrance gate, failing which, such person may not enter.

7. Hours of Operation. In order to promote the quiet enjoyment of all Resort guests, golf carts may not be operated after 11:00 pm except to return from dinner or a Resort-sponsored event.  This prohibition does not apply to Unit Owners using the roads to go to and from their residence property, off property.

8. Non-Permitted Vehicles. No ATVs or UTVs are permitted anywhere on Resort property.  ATV’s and UTV’s, if street legal, may travel upon the roads if they are operated by a Unit Owner, but only to and from entrance gate to the applicable property.


Recreational Vehicle and Trailer Parking

Parking of recreational vehicles or trailers is not permitted on Resort property.


Driving Speed

The maximum speed limit is as posted, or 19 miles per hour if not posted and on the road so long as it is safe to travel at such speed.  If not on a roadway, or it is not reasonably safe to travel at higher speeds, then the maximum speed is what is safe under the conditions presented.


Updated November 2023