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Exercise Trail

Happy Trails to You

At South Seas Island Resort there are several ways to run with a view.

Stretching the 2.5 miles between North Pointe and South Village, from one tip of Captiva Island to the other and touching all points in between, is a runner’s dream—a network of four scenic trails. Perfect for walking or running, the trails run within South Seas Island Resort’s private grounds, making each course a safe and beautiful one.

Follow the Highway to Health along Plantation Road or the Sweet Taste of Victory, round-trip 5K route that end at Scoops & Slices, so you can reward yourself with your favorite candy or scoop of ice cream. A Run With a View is just that, a beautiful path through the resort village overlooking Redfish Pass, along the Gulf of Mexico ending with a view and a drink at Sunset Beach. Or opt for the longest path, the Yucatan Do It, where part of your run on the sand.

Walk for fun or run for a personal record. With scenery like this, whatever route you choose is sure to make your workout fly by.

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