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Steve and Doris Colgate’s Offshore Sailing School

Learn to Sail, Race, or Take Our Fast Track to Cruising® Course

Discover fun, fresh air, sunshine, and freedom. Wherever the wind blows.

The beauty of the ocean. The exhilaration of the sea air. The thrill of open water with only the sounds of wind, water and nature. The delight of a once-in-a-lifetime vacation experience. Whether you’re a novice or a competent cruiser, why not learn from the best? On your own, with your spouse, or the entire family, take home a lifetime skill and build a special bond and a lifelong love of being on the water.

At Offshore Sailing School, you’ll always learn, no matter what your competency level may be. Highly experienced and patient US Sailing-certified instructors guide you through techniques, teach the language, safety at sea, and how to make the sailboat move with or without wind. We’ll teach you the ropes, but the sun, current and wind will be the real guides. We could go on and on about what makes Offshore Sailing School America’s #1 sailing school, but we’d rather you have a great time learning for yourself. Choose from a variety of courses offered right here on Captiva Island. Start your vacation adventure and sailing lifestyle today.

3-Hour Sailing School

Get out on the water and set sail! Learn about sailing or just enjoy the breeze on one of our fun-to-sail Colgate 26 sailboats.

3-Hour Sailing
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